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Within the framework of the seminar “Marketing Concept” supervised by Franziska Schmiedebach-Ullner, our 3rd semester Brand Management students were given an exciting task about an attractive and sustainable product.

Our practice partner Ehrensache brings the technology of the air into everyday life with the brand BAG TO LIFE.
BAG TO LIFE manufactures bags and accessories from original aviation materials. For example, life jackets become designer bags. Unique designs, ecological sustainability and a resource-saving production process characterise the products.

The following task was assigned to the Brand Management students:
Development of a marketing concept for the introduction of BAG TO LIFE in three European countries, including product design, distribution channels and communication/media selection, based on a well-founded analyses of market potential, target group(s) and competition.

An exciting challenge, which our students mastered well!

Kerstin Rank, Managing Director and Creative Director at BAG TO LIFE:
“The cooperation and the creative environment of the Brand University of Applied Sciences is an enrichment for every company. We had placed the task in the bachelor’s programme and are very satisfied with the results. It shows that, in addition to the standard work of marketing, the students also dare to look beyond their own horizons. Which is so valuable for marketing strategies, especially in times of changing buying habits and fast-moving markets”.

Module | Marketing Conception
Lecturer | Franziska Schmiedebach-Ullner
Semester | 3rd Semester Brand Management