Marketing & Innovation

Brand Innovation – Master of Arts

Be the next manager who missed the digital shift.
Do what has always been done.
Gather dust in a job that may soon stop to exist.

Wouldn’t you rather:

  • Capture target groups with meaningful brands, products and business strategies?
  • Be the game changer who finds innovative solutions for your business and gets things moving?
  • Understand disruptive technologies and use digital tools to explore new ways of marketing?

In the master’s programme Brand Innovation with focus on Marketing & Innovation you will learn how product development, marketing and distribution work in the digital landscape. In small groups and a creative atmosphere, you will work on real projects with major brands and meet executives of large corporations. This will prepare you for a career in the international brand and creative industry.

Take a sneak peek and discover the campus!

Brand Innovation at a glance

Dates:Winter semester (October, 1st) // summer semester (April, 1st)
Contents:Brand Innovation, Brand Thinking, Digital Technologies & Applications, Data Science & AI, International Brand Communication, Consumer Psychology, Digital Sales & Services, Brand Bootcamp, Practical Projects
Duration:3 semesters full-time. Track shortening is possible if credit is recognised.
Credit Points:90 ECTS
Application Deadlines:September, 15th // March, 15th
Dregree:Master of Arts (M.A.)
Prospects:e.g. as Brand Manager, Online Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager or Digital Marketing Strategist.
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Impressions from the study


Marketing & Innovation – what you will learn:

Digital Innovation & Brand Thinking
In digital times, the rules of the game are constantly changing, so innovation is at the core of your studies: what processes, methods and techniques do I need to know? How can brands and products be meaningfully renewed? And how do I reach target groups in the digital space?

The Making of Powerful Brands
A strong brand must stand out. That usually means a fight for attention. You will learn to position brands and companies smartly, to develop digital marketing strategies and to generate traffic.

Digital Technologies
In creative atmosphere you will familiarise yourself with new technologies and digital tools such as AI, VR and AR, as well as big data and algorithms. You will learn to understand and address changed consumer behaviour using digital methods.

Personal Skills & Practical Projects
In small groups you will also upgrade your soft skills such as creativity, innovative thinking and teamwork. Our dedicated professors, who are internationally experienced and successful strategists, consultants, designers, founders and executives, are committed to help you get the most out of your experience here.

Study flexibly: You can also attend modules from the Design or Entrepreneurship tracks.

In boot camps and practical projects, you will find solutions to real problems of well-known companies, agencies and startups – both in Hamburg and abroad, if you wish.

Flyer about the programme >

“People don’t want to just consume. They connect certain emotions with a purchase of certain brands. Addressing these emotions at every touchpoint of their customer journey is an art that is indispensable in the digital age.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Suwelack

What is the Brand Innovation master’s programme about? How do digital technologies affect our future? How do I position my brand successfully? Get to know the Brand Innovation course in the video preview that gives you a first brief insight into the topics that await you in the programme.


Leading brand companies and established agencies are waiting for your input. You can use your new knowledge in real projects with our partners such as Bosch, Beiersdorf and Thjnk. Contribute your ideas and expand your professional network by making valuable contacts.

In each semester you will take three mandatory modules, which are taught together for all specialisations.
In addition, you will take two elective modules per semester, which correspond to your study specialisation.

The order of semester contents depends on the individual start of study.

Marketing & Innovation

Full-time Track with 90CP

Winter Semester
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Thinking
  • Digital Technologies & Development
  • Digital Branding
  • Intern. Brand Communication & Experience
Summer Semester
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brand Bootcamp
  • Brand Lab & Consumer Psychology
  • Digital Customer Experience
Final Semester
  • Practice Project
  • Master Thesis

Design & Innovation

Full-time Track with 90CP

Winter Semester
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Thinking
  • Digital Technologies & Development
  • Creative Concepting & Storytelling
  • UX Strategy
Summer Semester
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brand Bootcamp
  • Creative Leadership
  • Creative Technology & Tools
Final Semester
  • Practice Project
  • Master Thesis

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Full-time Track with 90CP

Winter Semester
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Thinking
  • Digital Technologies & Development
  • Brand Entrepreneurship
  • Agile Product Development
Summer Semester
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brand Bootcamp
  • Business Modelling & Growth Financing
  • Growth Hacking & Platform Economy
Final Semester
  • Practice Project
  • Master Thesis

What is a… ?

The programme Brand Innovation with focus on Marketing & Innovation prepares you for complex strategic tasks in brand-leading companies.

Learn more about the career opportunities a degree in Brand Innovation opens up for you.

Lynn Treudler, Germany

Being a student in the Brand Innovation Master’s programme at Brand University is both challenging and rewarding. The professors come from a variety of backgrounds and there are always opportunities to profit from their practical experience in the industry. The student body is diverse with students from many countries and different levels of practical experience in different industries – this truly makes working in teams a unique and enriching experience.

The programme is tightly scheduled, aimed to gain your M.A. in only three semesters. The workload as well as group work make a certain amount of time management and self-organisation essential. The often times practical and workshop-like classes lead to high participation. You really learn and acquire skills almost automatically opposed to solely “cramming” for exams and forgetting a lot afterwards.

Finally, even during digital corona times, there have been a number of guest-speakers who share their invaluable insights with the students. They have answered all questions from students and even given individual advice. To conclude: This university definitely pushes you and expects its students to try their very best.

Michael Balogh, Slovakia

People bring this up a lot, but really, it was the first thing I have noticed. The class was truly international! There were 10+ nationalities in a class of ~30 people. It makes our studies very insightful as we discuss different cultural approaches in marketing or branding.

It is absolutely clear that the professors and lecturers have an appropriate level of knowledge and experience they are passing on to students. Each of them brings something different to the table. For example, one of our lecturers is a marketing ex-executive with 25 years of experience at a multibillion-euro company or, a professor who works at a company that specializes in customer research. Their hands-on experience with what they teach translates into a useful ability to link theory with practice.

My view is that, this high degree of a practical setting will come a long way. Matter of fact, it is not just the information that is practical here. Our exam projects are as well. To make a few examples, we created a functioning chatbot in one class, and in another class, we cooperated with a massive external partner to innovate their brand. But, one more thing I need to highlight here about our professors is, they are very friendly. It always feels as if it was just some people with good vibes who came to talk about things they love doing, but on a professional level.

It is said, “practice makes perfect”, and in my view, Brand University puts the P in practice!

Ella Göbel, Germany

When looking for a suitable business master’s programme, the focus was on two decisive factors. On the one hand, it was very important to follow my interests and abilities, but on the other hand, I also wanted to find a university that actively challenges me and prepares me for my future working life. After my B.Sc. in Business Psychology, I did not want to do a general business master’s degree – but a specific degree programme with a future. Accordingly, I chose BU and the M.A. Brand Innovation programme. Here, you do not just follow theory, you combine it with a lot of practical knowledge at the same time.

For us students, it is the perfect exercise to be in one class with so many different nationalities, so that you can also further educate culturally and linguistically. The possibility of choosing different modules per semester creates an individual foundation for each of us.

With a lot of commitment and understanding on the part of the university, no questions remain unanswered and there is always a contact person available. You really feel well taken care of and noticed. I am glad that I chose BU.

Dóra Timar, Hungary

At Brand University’s Master program, I experienced a welcoming international study environment with students from various backgrounds and cultures around the world. I come from Hungary, but previously studied in Denmark and lived in Britain for a while, and now living in Germany by being an international soul myself, I decided to study at BU to widen my horizons.

The courses are interesting and unique. Some of the subjects were practice oriented with real business partners that put us into real working environment situations as well as were inspirational for future career paths.

Last but not least, the teachers and professors were always ready to help and encourage us to learn more by stepping out of our comfort zone to reach high potentials.

Maximilian Suhr, Germany

The Brand University on the beautiful Elbe River in Hamburg teaches how to develop unique brands. All professors at the university have many years of industry experience and know what they are teaching. Also, the lecturers support you during your studies. The networking and the cooperation with well-known companies and brands, such as the DFB or Moia, distinguishes the BU!

However, the Brand Innovation program is no walk in the park and the semesters are intense. However, it is worth it, and the studies are fun. The international fellow students have different backgrounds and come from other countries. It’s beneficial to get different perspectives when developing new ideas.

María del Rocío Gil Rodríguez, Mexico

Three and a half years ago I came to Germany, directly after finishing my studies in my homeland Mexico, with the goal to start a life here and at the same time develop professionally in the field of advertising and design. After a long way learning the language and adapting to the culture, I decided that it was time to update my skills and explore new fields related to my studies in advertising, design and production, in order to transform myself into a high-performance professional that adds value.

I chose Brand University to start my master studies, since the University and especially the Master program has a very strong international spirit, which fits me perfectly as I love to be in contact with other cultures and to get to know new ways of thinking. The master program has offered me a new way of seeing the world of Brands through the eyes of technology and new trends in the market, in addition to offering me structured knowledge in the area of marketing and market research, which perfectly complement my background in design and creativity.

One of the most important values that Brand University offers to me as a student, is the close work with real clients and companies with which we can work during the semester in different projects and at the same time gain some professional experience. The University has a very close relationship with their students, and they are in constant communication with them, this has led me to be part of the student council as a spokesperson for the master’s program and part of the master’s audit committee.

During my studies at BU, I have developed new skills, especially in the area of research, as well as created a network not only with all my classmates, who have very diverse backgrounds, but also with my professors who are mostly experts in their fields and active professionals. All in all, the knowledge I have obtained at BU as well as the university’s concern that we develop ourselves in an environment that is similar to the professional reality, along with the diversity of students and constant exchange of ideas, make me feel confident and prepared for my future professional career.

Following admission requirements apply to the Master’s programme:

first university degree in a related field …

  • with at least 210 CP
  • with 180 CP and relevant professional experience of 30 months worth 30 CP
  • with 180 CP and relevant professional experience of 15 months worth 15 CP, and acquisition of 15 CP through additional studies at Brand University
  • with 180 CP and acquisition of 30 CP through additional studies at Brand University

first university degree in a non-thematic area ….

  • with ​​at least 210 CP and a completion of a topic-related bridging course
  • with 180 CP and relevant professional experience of 30 months worth 30 CP and a completion of a topic-related bridging course
  • with 180 CP and relevant professional experience of 15 months worth 15 CP, and acquisition of 15 CP through additional studies at Brand University and a completion of a topic-related bridging course
  • with 180 CP and acquisition of 30 CP through additional studies at Brand University and a completion of a topic-related bridging course

English language proficiency

A proof of English language proficiency at B2 level of an internationally recognised English language test must be provided, e.g. TOEFL (min. 72 ponts) or IELTS (min. 5.5 points).


Application deadlines

Applicants who do NOT need an entry visa for Germany:

  • September 15th and March 15th

Applicants who need an entry visa for Germany:

  • June 30th and December 15th

Please note: In case your application documents are not complete due to the current situation, it is possible to hand in later the missing documents.

Application process

After we examine your application documents, our application manager Milena Goossen and our course director Michael Kress are happy to meet you in a personal interview and to learn more about your individual career, your professional attitude and your personal goals in connection with your studies.

After successfully completing the interview, you will be admitted to the programme.


Brand University of Applied Sciences is a state-approved private university and is fully funded by tuition fees.

Tuition fees for students from Germany and the EU:
890 Euro
per month
890 Euro one-time enrollment and examination fee
Total fees: 16910 Euro


Tuition fees for students from countries outside the EU*:
1140 Euro
per month,
1150 Euro one-time enrollment and examination fee
Total fees: 21670 Euro

*Exceptions can be made if you have a long-term residence permit for the EU.
Fees for Master’s Cooperation Programmes you will find here.



Credit Points (CP):

The duration of the standard full-time study programme with 90 CP is 18 months.
By recognition university and/or non-university competences, you can study in the Fast Track and shorten it to 9 or 12 months.

If youhave to collect further CP in addition to the credit points (CP) you gained within your first degree (due to the admission requirements), we offer a programme for the crediting of academic achievement.

You will have the opportunity to collect the additional 30 ECTS during the standard period of study and divide the associated workload between the three semesters.

The total costs for the 30CP is 1350 Euro. 

This fee can be reduced individually by creditable professional experience.

Student Service Hamburg

Brand University cooperates with the Studierendenwerk Hamburg (City of Hamburg Student Services). The student is required to additionally pay the fees for the service.
In 2022, these will amount 85 Euro for the Studierendenwerk and 182,40 Euro for the HVV semester ticket (public transport ticket for one semester).


  • You can obtain funding according to the Federal Law on Support in Education (BAföG).
  • Your contact for all financing questions is the Advisory Center of Student Finance.
  • In addition, students of Brand University of Applied Sciences can receive financial support from foundations or financial institutions in Hamburg and beyond.
  • At the federal level the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) offers the “KfW Student Loan”.

Application deadline for the summer semester: March 15th, 2023


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