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International Brand Communication (Master of Arts)

Since October 2019, the course International Brand Communication merged with the International Brand Management course and was restructured. To apply for this course is therefore not possible anymore.

Find out here about the three new focal points of our Master’s programme:

Marketing & Innovation

Design & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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As a recent graduate you will be ready to begin your career on the global stage and in the advertising industry where brands touch the hearts of consumers.

You have a keen interest in creative brand communication campaigns like Apple, Coca Cola, Mont Blanc, Nike and Nivea and are curious to explore new cultures. Take the first step of your global career with us.

You are ambitious and looking to develop skills that allow you to excel in the fast-moving world of global advertising.



Course Director Prof. Dr. Limon-Calisan

  • Degree: Master of Arts (government-recognised)
  • Duration of study: 4 Semesters, full-time
  • Start:Winter or summer semester
  • Campus: Hamburg
  • Language: English
  • Application Deadlines:
    Applicants requiring an entry visa for Germany: 31st of December and 30th of June;
    Applicants NOT requiring an entry visa for Germany: 15th of March and 15th of September.
  • Admission requirements: First academic degree, English language proficiency on level B2 of the  CEFR, written application and personal interview. For more details, please refer to the application form below or contact

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How to kick start-your career?

Build the foundations of a successful global career and develop an international outlook with our Master’s Degree in International Brand Communication.

This two year course provides unparalleled exposure to Western and Eastern ways of planning and creating brand communication campaigns in advertising agencies. Power your learning in a unique combination of core and elective courses with three different areas of specialisation, taught in English.

Collaborating with well-known agencies and companies, you will create effective communication campaigns suitable for selected countries.

What are our prerequisites?

You need to have:

  • A keen interest in international advertising communication, brand design, strategic planning and the latest brand communication trends (digital media, smart communication solutions and so on)
  • The desire to forge a truly successful global career in the advertising industry
  • At least an undergraduate academic degree in any study discipline
  • Knowledge of English is mandatory

Semester 1

  • International Brand Communication
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Creative Conception and Storytelling
  • English for IBC
  • Elective Module I – Specialisation*

Semester 2

  • Consumer Psychology and Insights
  • International Creative Leadership and Agency Management
  • Theories of Media and Communication Science
  • Semiotics and Visual Aesthetics
  • Elective Module II – Specialisation*

Semester 3

  • International Media Planning and Campaigning Strategies
  • Open Innovation & Digital Thinking
  • Brand Agency Simulation Game
  • Project Work
  • Elective Module III – Specialisation*

Semester 4

  • Master’s Thesis

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Graduates of the International Brand Communication can expect to have a wide variety of career opportunities in marketing communication agencies and in-house marketing departments of global companies.

As a strategic planner you will learn to understand the mindset of consumers, identify consumer insights and develop a communication strategy for the brand. Thereby, positioning is the key approach to create a brand image in consumer’s mind. Brand communication experts will create content and messages, decide on the media channel and tools to effectively communicate brand’s identity to the target group within an international context.

After graduation you will be able to create innovative and strategic communication plans and thus campaigns to engage with the consumers across the globe.

Many graduates of this programme will find employment as Strategic Planner, Digital or Creative Planner, Brand Communication Manager, Manager for Marketing and Communications within the advertising and communication sector.

Ayla Hourani, Bahrain
International Brand Communication

Originally Palestinian, born in Bahrain, lived in Denmark, moved back to Bahrain, then Lebanon, followed by The States, and finding myself in Germany, I thought this was as international as cultural exposure can get. But then I started my masters program at Brand University of Applied Sciences. My class consists of 70% international students, and 30% German (from different areas). That is the true cultural exposure.

With no doubt, Germany has a reputable standard when it comes to many elements – especially education. But the Brand University of Applied Sciences has exceeded that reputation. Not only are the courses offered in a project-based learning system, the university is based in the center of the manufacturing world. Collaborating with well-established companies allows us, as students, to start our careers with professional teacher-supervision.

The university also allows us to create learning environments by encouraging participation and mistakes. Project briefs are announced vaguely, and we then have the opportunity to choose the path we want to take. Working in groups of students with different backgrounds allows you to choose the one that interests you most – be it design or market-research oriented. This approach, along with the smaller-class systems, develops personal teacher-student relationships enhancing both challenges: intellectually and socially.

Larissa Böhm, Germany,
International Brand Communication

The students in the Master’s degree course come from many different backgrounds and countries.
This helps in developing new ideas since everyone views a topic from different angles.

This university pushes you out of your comfort zone to get you to view topics on other angles.

Ana Maria Bernal Suarez, Colombia,
International Brand Communication

Brand University of Applied Sciences is the university where BRANDS is the common language. People from different parts of the world are united around by the same subject. One of the biggest reasons, why studying here is so interesting, is the cultural interaction that makes an in depth analysis more internationally oriented.

People from all over the world with one language in common: BRANDS. It is not easy to find a university that specializes in brands and even harder to find one that knows the scale and influence, which the brands have in each culture.

Some, like me, have to fly 9.200 km to find the perfect place to study, because not everywhere you can find a university that is so unique like Brand University of Applied Sciences. In BU everyone, no matter where they come from, is thinking in the same line and that´s what makes it so interesting and special.

New country, new city, new university, new friends, new culture, but same language: BRANDS. When you have found what you want, it is easy to change everything in your life, in order to have it. The good thing is, that the BU makes everything to make you feel like at home.

Course fees

As a leading state-recognised, privately owned university, Brand University of Applied Sciences is financed exclusively through course fees.

Course fees for students from Germany and the EU:
890,- Euro per month, over a period of 24 months,
1690,- Euro one-off enrolment and examination fee.
Total costs: 23.050,- Euro

Course fees for students from countries outside the EU:
1140,- Euro per month, over a period of 24 months,
2700,- Euro enrolment and examination fee.
Total costs: 30.060,- Euro

Exceptions may be made for students who already have long-term residence permits for the EU.

Students from Beijing Normal University will be granted a discount of 10% (semester fee).


As a private university, Brand University of Applied Sciences prides itself in offering its students an academic environment and individual attention both within and outside the teaching context, something a state university cannot provide. The budget generated by our students’ tuition fees is used exclusively to maintain and enhance our high quality levels.
Non-EU applicants can apply for a scholarship (off tuition-fee only). Please contact our advisory service for more details.

A number of public institutions and financial services in Germany offer a variety of possibilities for funding your studies. You will find a comprehensive list of funding options at the following website:

Why Brand University of Applied Sciences?

  • Brand University of Applied Sciences is the world’s foremost brand-focused university
  • We combine scientific thinking with practical experience
  • Our courses are government accredited
  • We have a growing network with Asian universities
  • We have an experienced team of international lecturers
  • We collaborate with globally active international business partners
  • Our culture is open, agile and diverse

Why Hamburg?

  • One of the ten biggest cities of the European Union in terms of population
  • Voted by students as Germany’s best city to live and study in
  • Famous as a cruise liner port; each district of the city has a unique character
  • Get to know more about our city!

Why should you choose this Master’s course?
Our course delivers knowledge of the global business environment.

Our Master’s course is

1. Relevant.
Focused on key expertise and skills in the leading business topic of brands

2. International.
An intercultural community of students and lecturers ensures a global perspective

3. Practical.
Combines scientific thinking with practical expertise

4. Exclusive.
A limited number of students ensures a creative, inspiring, familiar culture

5. Career-oriented.
The aim is to build an active network for your future

A successfully completed bachelor’s degree rated at minimum 180 ECTS is a prerequisite for admission.
Dependent on your specialization, business, design, communication or media related bachelor’s degree are beneficial. If this does not apply to you bridging courses will be offered.

Furthermore you will need to demonstrate English skills at Level B2 or at least 543 points in the paper-based TOEFL test or 87 points in the Internet-based test; or 5.0 points in IELTS.

You can commence studies in April or October.

As well as your CV and references, a letter of motivation is very important to us as part of your application. We place a lot of emphasis on forming capable, committed semester groups of students who complement and inspire each other effectively. For more information about the application documents and formal requirements please refer to our application form.

Once we have assessed your application documents positively, our Application Manager Anna Prokhorenko and our Course Director will look forward to getting to know you in a personal interview, where you will be able to tell them about your education and career so far, your suitability for the course, and your personal aims in relation to studying.

If you are successful in this interview you will be entitled to join the course.

Brand Talent

Our vision for the Master Programme is to have students from all over the world.  Each culture is unique.
Values, preferences, needs, tastes and perceptions – all differ across cultures. The purpose is that the international students come together, learn together and from each other.

BA scholarship programme is in place to give talented young professionals from all over the world the opportunity to apply for our Programme.

The scholarship is valid for the upcoming winter term 2018/19, starting on October 1st, 2018.

The scholarship is off tuition-fee only. The costs for feeding, living and insurances in Germany are not included in the scholarship.

The application requirements

  • Successful completion of a six-semester Bachelor Degree programme rated at least 180 credits (ECTS)
  • Certificate of an internationally recognized language test on B2 level (e.g. TOEFL Internet- based minimum of 87 points, IELTS exam minimum of 5-6 points)


Application process follows the regular requirements.
You can apply for the scholarship by handing in all required application documents and additional motivation letter, indicating why you would be the perfect candidate for the Brand University of Applied Sciences scholarship.

Application deadline for EU-applicants for the scholarship is August 31th, 2018.
After we check your application documents and once you meet all the requirements, we will inform you about the further steps.

For more information please contact our International Student Advisor

Anna Prokhorenko
fon: +49 (0) 40 380 893 56-23