Trial Studies at Brand University of Applied Sciences

There is so much we can tell you about what makes our courses so exciting, fascinating and modern, but the best way for you to discover is to find out for yourself in person, on location, by experiencing it for yourself.

If you take one of the Trial Studies at Brand University of Applied Sciences you can participate as a student in seminars belonging to our Brand Management and Brand Design Bachelor’s courses.
You will find yourself in the midst of the studying environment, you will meet our students and teachers, and you will see and hear exactly what and how we teach.
You can also get an idea of what our campus is like and what the atmosphere is like too.

Take advantage of this opportunity and find out whether our Bachelor’s courses is likely to fulfil your interests, wishes, expectations and aims.
We can arrange a special meeting with you in order to help you get as involved in studying as possible.

If you would like to do this, please contact our student advisor now:

Anna Prokhorenko
Tel. +49 40 380 89356-23