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Graduation ceremony for Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates at the new BU campus

On 5 April 2024, the graduation ceremony of the graduating classes from the winter semester 2023/2024 took place at the new campus of Brand University of Applied Sciences. Prof Dr Yonca Limon-Calisan, Vice President for Research at BU, hosted the ceremony that afternoon. A cellist accompanied the event with music. The ceremony, at which both Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates received their well-deserved certificates, was characterised … Mehr

Graduation: Ceremonial farewell to the graduating class of 2021

The graduation ceremony of the graduating class is always a great joy at Brand University, but the celebration in the summer semester of 2021 will be remembered as an extraordinary day. For a long time, it was not certain whether the 70 or so graduates would even be able to say goodbye in person and on site in view of the pandemic. All the greater … Mehr

A great festive day for Brand Academy

On Friday, 1 October 2018, Brand Academy had three reasons to celebrate: The welcoming of our new students, the farewell of our almost 90 graduates, as well as the new cooperation with the Zhejiang Wanli University. President Prof. Dr. h.c. Shan Fan opened the festivities with his speech. He emphasized that in times of "big data", the university must no longer focus just on the … Mehr

BA says “Hello and Goodbye” at graduation ceremony

On Thursday, March 29th, Brand Academy sent off the first wave of 2018 graduates and warmly welcomed all fresh(wo)men starting in the summer term. In his keynote speech, BA President Prof. Dr. h.c. Shan Fan expressed the mixed emotions he typically feels on such occasions: On one hand, grateful for the enjoyable years spent together, pleased knowing that a bright future lies ahead of today's … Mehr

BA bids farewell to record-breaking number of graduates and welcomes new students

On Friday September 29th, Brand Academy once again bid the graduates of its Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes farewell and welcomed its new students in an appropriately festive setting. Given a record-breaking number of 68 graduates, the continuous growth of BA over the last few years was unmistakable. As a result, the official ceremony had to be moved from its traditional location on BA’s Campus Rainvilleterasse … Mehr