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Brand Academy and XING kick off 2nd practice project

XING means „it works“ in Chinese, which makes it not only a befitting name for the most important professional network in the German-speaking world, but also an accurate evaluation of the ongoing partnership between XING and Brand Academy. The very first joint practice project launched almost exactly one year ago and, upon conclusion, left everyone involved with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. True to [...]

BA and Beiersdorf partner up again for practice project

Nearly one year ago, Brand Academy and Beiersdorf - home of famous brands such as NIVEA, Eucerin and Labello - launched their very first joint practice project. After the final presentations in September 2017, both sides concluded the project with a feeling of great satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, it was subsequently decided to continue the mutually beneficial relationship. As a result, last week saw the kickoff of a new project at [...]

BA says “Hello and Goodbye” at graduation ceremony

On Thursday, March 29th, Brand Academy sent off the first wave of 2018 graduates and warmly welcomed all fresh(wo)men starting in the summer term. In his keynote speech, BA President Prof. Dr. h.c. Shan Fan expressed the mixed emotions he typically feels on such occasions: On one hand, grateful for the enjoyable years spent together, pleased knowing that a bright future lies ahead of today's [...]

BA bids farewell to record-breaking number of graduates and welcomes new students

On Friday September 29th, Brand Academy once again bid the graduates of its Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes farewell and welcomed its new students in an appropriately festive setting. Given a record-breaking number of 68 graduates, the continuous growth of BA over the last few years was unmistakable. As a result, the official ceremony had to be moved from its traditional location on BA’s Campus Rainvilleterasse [...]