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Spotlight On: Moritz Beck – Alumnus Brand Management B.A.

Moritz Beck

September 2018

Study Course
Brand Management B.A.

Title of Thesis
Portfolio-Analyse des Retailbanking Business der Deutschen Bank AG unter Berücksichtigung von sich wandelnden Konsumentenansprüchen in der Zielgruppe Generation-Z

Cooperation Partner
Sopra Steria Consulting

Hi Moritz, what have you been doing since graduating?
After three years of studies I decided to do a gap year to gain more practical experience. I was lucky enough to spend a year with Porsche AG. However, the planned gap year is now turning into two, as I have been supporting my brother in developing his start-up since November last year.

How did you join Porsche AG?
Actually quite unspectacular through the standard application process via the Porsche Career Portal. I already knew at the end of my studies that I didn’t want to continue studying immediately afterwards and rather apply my acquired knowledge in practice. I also knew that I wanted to work either in consulting or in the industry. Besides, I wanted to get out of Hamburg and work for a great brand. The fact that it worked out at Porsche was of course the absolute jackpot and a real dream came true for me.

What have been your responsibilities there?
For the first six months I supported the sales team of the Europe region. Here I worked on projects in the CRM environment and assisted in reporting to the markets and the specialist departments. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to complete an internship in a market for another six months. This took place in Taipei in the Network Development department. As Porsche Taiwan is the youngest of all subsidiaries, a lot of pioneering work had to be done there in the area of sales network development and general corporate development. Therefore I had the chance to work on many different topics, which was an educative and unforgettable time for me.

What was the best part about your job?
Apart from great characters and the Porsche brand itself, which I had the opportunity to get to know better, it was of course the experience in the Asian region that remains unforgettable for me. The international orientation, the speed and the opportunities offered in Taiwan and all over Asia, both in professional tasks and in everyday life, are extremely impressive and exceed your imagination if you come from a European background. I can only recommend to everyone to get to know Asia in order to experience the spirit that rules there.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think back to BU?
To be honest, the first things that come to my mind are “Ültje peanuts” and “Fritz Cola” from the snack machine in the pantry, which were my breakfast over the semesters. Today such a combination in the early morning would be unimaginable for me.
Apart from that I like to remember the view from the balcony over Hamburg harbour. The best view is in the evening during small talk after the guest lectures that take place throughout the semester or during the semester party after the exams.

Why did you choose to study at BU?
I chose the BU for several reasons. Probably the most obvious reason was the specialty that is offered exclusively at Brand University.
I also had the opportunity to attend several lectures as a guest student before I started my studies. The teaching format as well as the discussions that took place between lecturers and students were completely in line with my ideas about studying. I liked the fact that the teaching was not blunt, but required active and critical thinking. On top of that came the high practical focus. I found this extremely exciting even before I started my studies, because I didn’t just want to be limited to theories and models, but also wanted to know how to apply them. Being confronted with the tension between theory and practice during my studies, I find an ideal concept for every area of management.
And finally, the BU convinced me with its location in our beautiful Hanseatic city! But more about that later…

Did you already know before your studies what you wanted to become? How did the BU shape your career plans?
Did you know what you wanted to be before you studied? How did the BU shape your career aspirations?
Before my studies I had a clear idea and wanted to work in the creative industry or in the marketing department of a company. However, studying at the BU took me through a variety of management fields and made me more open to a wider range of management tasks. Metaphorically speaking, the blinkers were opened to me semester after semester, bit by bit, until I came to the understanding that the topic “brand” goes far beyond marketing and sales topics. In fact, my studies have developed a way of thinking that views the brand in the context of the entire company. This school of thought also seems to be followed by practice, because after all, companies like Porsche already adapted their corporate strategy from a manufacturer-oriented view to a brand-oriented approach two years ago. I myself am also convinced of an ever stronger interlocking of corporate and brand management. That is why I would like to focus more strongly on strategy development. Classically, I therefore aim to enter consulting or the strategy department of a company.

Which experience at BU do you remember in particular?
I especially remember the various practical projects. Sometimes we worked on projects as a whole course and sometimes in small groups, which had to pitch their ideas in front of the practice partners. The hours of researching and analysing data, competing for the best ideas and the precise alignment of PowerPoint slides, in an atmosphere usually fueled by energy drinks, is something I remember particularly fondly. The opportunity to be creative on my own, the steep learning curve and the feedback from the practice partners made every single project a real enrichment.

What advice do you have for students to make the leap into a career right after graduation?
Well, the big leap into the profession is still to come. But at least I know where I want to jump to and that is, I think, a good basis. Whether or not I will end up where I want will only become clear after I have completed my intended master’s degree.
The only thing I can advise students is that they should use the time next to their studies to find their professional orientation, be it through internships or working student activities.

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to build on my undergraduate studies and am aiming for a Master in Management. As I am currently experiencing wanderlust again, I would like to study in another European country. My favourites are business schools in Italy, Portugal and Ireland. Hopefully I will then be able to start my career as I would like.

Hamburg is for me…
…my second home and the gateway to the world. I actually hate such phrases, but both are true in my case.
During my three years of study in Hamburg I found a great connection and got to know most of my current friends there. The northern German mentality made me feel comfortable right away. Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany in terms of population, but in international comparison it is only a small village. But that’s exactly what makes Hamburg so charming and appealing to me. Furthermore, Hamburg, as a cosmopolitan, liberal and internationally oriented city, has shaped me tremendously. I can hardly imagine that my ambitions would have developed in such a way in an idyllic student town. After all, the city you live in inevitably leaves its mark on you.
I think a big city is the ideal choice for studying management and especially for brand management. It’s simply different when you see and can test new mobility concepts, new forms of distribution and innovative payment systems emerging on site, or whether you only learn about them via social media or news portals.

Where can you be found when you are not in the office?
Anywhere where I have enough peace and quiet to read a book. Otherwise I run with enthusiasm.