Spotlight on: Kaja Oblonczek – Best Bachelor’s Thesis in Brand Design

Kaja Oblonczek

Graduation Date:
October 2017

Study Programme
Brand Design B.A.

Title of Thesis
Konzeptuelle Gestaltung eines 3D-In-Flight-Entertainment Systems
(Conceptual Design of a 3D-In-Flight-Entertainment System)

Matthias Müller-Prove
Prof. Michael Jonas

Corporate Partner
Peter Schmidt Group GmbH


Current Occupation
I’m currently studying Virtual Reality Development at Udacity (Silicon Valley). VR scenes, VR software development (C#), VR design, high immersion unity and 360 mobile performance are all part of the nanodegree programme. I will graduate as a VR developer.

Future Plans
Working for Google would be exciting! At any rate, I’d like to work for a larger enterprise with a sizeable UX department. Ideally I’ll be able to apply what I have learned, have lots of opportunities to experiment and tinker, gain lots of new knowledge and will be surrounded by equally enthusiastic people 😉

Looking Back at Brand Academy
Thanks to a great variety of study modules I was able to gain a broad overview, which in turn enabled me to find out what I am really interested in. I was particularly fascinated by interaction design and was able to dive deep into it as part of my Bachelor’s thesis.