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Spotlight on: Fabienne Gadesmann – Best Master’s Thesis in International Brand Management

Fabienne Gadesmann

Graduation Date
October 2017

Study Programme
International Brand Management M.A.

Title of Thesis
The Influence of User-Generated Content on the Brand Image at the Example of GoPro

Prof. Dr. Simone Roth
Prof. Dr. Sven Christiansen


Current Occupation
I started backpacking through Australia and New Zealand in November and will start looking for jobs after my return in January.

Future Plans
Once I’m done travelling I’d ideally like to work as a Digital Marketing Manager or as a Brand Manager in the area of digital marketing – either for a brand managing company or a brand consultancy.

Looking Back at Brand Academy
I really enjoyed my studies at Brand Academy because of the intensive support I received from my lecturers and professors and because of the many interesting practice projects. On top of that I had great fellow students, many of whom have become my friends over the course of the last two years.