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Programming made easy: Raspberries for Master Students

When it comes to programming, people have very different ways of thinking. Some know how to do it, are passionate about programming and even participate in hackathons. Others are amazed and have great difficulty imagining what is happening in the world of code.

Those who – like our master students – are into innovation don’t necessarily belong to the first group, but they shouldn’t be afraid to get involved with the topic. In the 2nd semester of Brand Innovation they therefore learn the basics of programming in the module “Creative Technologies & Tools”.

Our lecturers Sebastian Martens and Arne Hollmann have made it their mission to help students overcome their fear of technology. “Just do it!” advises Sebastian Martens. “The basic idea is that students should learn that this is not witchcraft and that things are easy to google when it comes to prototypes.”

To ensure that classes can take place despite Corona, the necessary equipment is sent home to the master students. With a Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, everyone can get creative at their own desk and learn how to use them with basic exercises.

And the result? We stay curious!