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Online Marketing Rockstars: What we take away from OMR Festival 2019

The digital marketing world celebrates its stars in Hamburg – this was once again proven on May 7th and 8th at the annual festival of Online Marketing Rockstars – OMR for short. And we from the Brand Academy were of course right in the middle of it.

When marketing experts meet in the Hanseatic city, varoius conferences, lectures and master classes focus on the latest industry trends, which can also be experienced live at numerous exhibitors.
At first glance, speakers like Joko Winterscheidt, Lena Gercke, Ellie Goulding and Yuval Noah Harari may not be associated with online marketing – so the learnings they had ready for the audience were even more exciting.

Brand Academy auf dem OMR Festival Brand Academy auf dem OMR Festival

Our students went to the OMR festival there to learn directly from the experts. What are they taking away from the experience? For example…

… How transparency, perseverance, hard work and decency can save a startup even close to insolvency.

… Why Pinterest can be decisive for the number of clicks on your website.

… How “Palace Skateboard” is successful without spending a cent on advertising.

… When working with local influencers is more successful than a deal with the “big ones”.

… How TV can also be used to advertise for specific target groups and programmes.

… Why Birkenstock suddenly experienced a renaissance as a trend piece.

… How fatal it is to forget to register your brand.

… Why model Lena Gercke prefers to combine friendship and business instead of separating them.

… Why everyone is totally into podcasts.

Brand Academy auf dem OMR Festival 2019 Brand Academy auf dem OMR Festival 2019

At the OMR Festival, the party is traditionally not forgotten, alongside all the input and networking.
When acts like Marteria, Casper and Dendemann are on stage at the end of the day, being out and about in the marketing world is even more fun!