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Excursion to the Nielsen Company


Our Master’s students of the 3rd semester International Brand Communication were invited to explore the secrects of consumer research at THE NIELSEN COMPANY Hamburg on October 25, 2016.

Nielsen has become the leading research enterprise in consumer behavior since its foundation 1964 in The Netherlands.
Today, Nielsen is represented in over 100 contries with 40,000 associates worldwide.
The Nielsen Company collects relevant information on the consumer buying process (Nielsen BUY division) and the media consumption  (NIELSEN WATCH division) worldwide.
In addition to the market and media data, Nielsen has invested into neuro-science for the effectiveness of advertising (commercials).

The specialised team opened up the NEURO LAB and let us experienced the research process.
We also received many confidencial information on the customer media journey, media spendings and brand positioning models.
This exclusive session had been tremendous valuable for the media planning and campaigning modul at the Brand Academy, Hamburg.