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Master Workshop „My Innovation. My Brand.“ – June 2020

On 27 and 28 June 2020, the first online edition of the Master Workshop “My innovation. My brand.” took place at Brand University. Prospective students from all over the world joined in live via zoom in order to explore their entrepreneurial spirit during the workshop weekend and to get first insights into the master course Brand Innovation.

Under the direction of BU Alumni David Dumont and our independent lecturer Stefanie Mager, the participants developed a business model and a communication concept for a fictional product with an extraordinary USP.

Three motivated groups worked remotely across several time zones to develop exciting concepts. They presented results that showed real team spirit. The fact that this also works online fascinated not only the participants themselves, but also the two workshop leaders:

“The brain smokes, the eyes are square – but the satisfaction is great! A team from 16 different countries and professional backgrounds, meeting for the first time and online to work on a completely new task with Zoom and Google around the world… that was a challenge! We are thrilled how much you can learn from each other within two days, how good the results are, how personal and cheerful the cooperation was despite working on the computer. It was a pleasure to think with smart, open-minded people.”

We thank all participants and are already looking forward to the next Master Workshop!