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Marketing-Executive-Meeting at Brand Academy

Yet another interesting exchange at the ba! On May 23rd, Thorsten Stradt joined the lecture „B2B and services marketing“ of the fourth semester „Brand Management“ (B.A.) at the Brand Academy.

The marketing strategist brings more than 30 years of business experience and a strong and proven track record to the table: He is the father of the brand „Otto Group“ and held MD- and CMO-roles at OBI and A.T.U. before founding his own, successful consulting company.

Thorsten Stradt came to answer questions of his young colleagues at eye level:
How can marketing not be reduced to „equipping the next trade fair stand“, but a steering element of an organization´s strategy? How can it identify what its crucial next initiatives shall be, looking at itself, its category, clients, competition and collaborators, considering opportunities, risks, strengths and weaknesses? How can managers keep employees on board with their change initiatives?

Thorsten Stradt´s answers were plausible and demanding: „Focus on your purpose and business model, look at your corporate culture. Be aware of trends, market environments, forces and causalities. Be self-assured but reflected, keep looking at aspects from varied angles. Be clear, decide consistently.“

Thorsten Stradt Brand Academy

Mr. Stradt also gave advice on B2B-success factors: „Understand sales, recognize digital opportunities, be aware that employer branding is a holistic approach, not only HR’s concern.“ And, again overall: „Try out new approaches – proof whether they work.“

„You don´t get to read this kind of counsel from a book“, students Julia Krüger and Lea Wüseke agreed, „that was really close to practice.“

Our independent lecturer Stefanie Mager, who had invited and collaborated with Thorsten Stradt in the framework of her own consulting company said: „I wish to get across that no matter where you stand in private or professional life: Sharing views with successful, congenial people is smart and inspiring fun!“

We would like to thank Thorsten Stradt for coming.

Thorsten Stradt Stefanie Mager Brand Academy_1