Appreciation, dialogue, engagement, excellence and interculturality – these are the values we live and breathe every day at Brand University of Applied Sciences.

As an international university with students from all over the world, it is shocking for us to see that the coronavirus has caused people to be condemned and avoided all over the world because they are associated with a disease and its risk of infection.

With the measures and regulations taken, China is doing everything possible to keep the virus under control. Here in Germany, mindfulness and awareness of this issue are also both right and important. At Brand University, for instance, we have taken precautions in dealing with travel to and from China.

“Our university community speaks out against stigmatization and exclusion. We will not tolerate a discriminatory attitude. We see the rewarding benefits of openness, tolerance and interculturalism, especially in our master’s programme with students from over 20 different countires. A virus won’t change that,” says Prof. Dr. Yonca Limon-Calisan, Vice President for Research and Head of the Master’s Programme Brand Innovation.

Should our students encounter discrimination in connection with the coronavirus, we would like to ask them to contact our academic staff. Mutual respect and solidarity, as expressed with #iamnotavirus, are particularly important to us these days.