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How to Create Strong Personalities – Brand Academy, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai and St. Mary’s University Conduct 1st Teaching & Learning Workshop

Towards the end of 2017, Brand Academy joined its partner university Beijing Normal University of Zhuhai (BNUZ), China and St. Mary’s University of Halifax, Canada for a 1st joint Teaching and Learning Workshop. In its course, they shared experiences and best practices on how to leverage the full potential and power of the university triangle from China, Canada and Germany.

A passion for educating cross-cultural professionals with a strong personality, which is crucial in a world in which uncertainty and change have become the new norm, represents a common basis for all three universities.


In a location next to the BNUZ Campus in Zhuhai and with a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius and plenty of sunshine outside, 30 attendees followed the two day programme attentively. On the first day, Prof. Dr. Simone Roth, Vice President of Brand Academy and Course Director of its International Brand Management M.A. study programme, enlarged on the core topic and further explained why students require a strong personality, how to create it and how it will benefit them in their future personal and professional career.

On Day 2, Prof. Dr. Miguel Morales of St. Mary’s University (Sobey School of Business, Departmnet Marketing) put intercultural academic support into the center of his speech, which was followed by a seminar on teaching and learning hosted by his colleague from the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, Prof. Dr. Charles Beaupreu.


We would like to give special thanks to BNUZ Vice President Prof. Dr. Ailan Fu, who not only co-founded the event, but also proved a perfect host. Needless to say, we are looking forward to its second iteration.