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How do you feel about living and studying in Germany? 5 Chinese BU students share their views

Brand Academy is cooperating closely with reputable Chinese universities, more specifically Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and, recently, Zhejiang Wanli University in Ningbo. For some of the students incoming from China, their time at Brand Academy represents their first visit to Hamburg, Germany and/or Europe. Naturally we are curious how they feel about living and studying here. Five of them from the 4th semester of our Brand Communication programme have kindly agreed to share their views:

It’s great that art plays such an important role in Germany. I visited the “Sculpture Project” in Münster in 2017 and it was a very meaningful experience. I felt the same about the “documenta” in Kassel. Both exhibitions have worldwide renown and are very influential. I consider myself lucky having seen them.
Zirong Du

I feel surprisingly comfortable with the climate and the overall environment and people here are always friendly and smiling at you. They come from many different countries and cultures and I find the resulting intercultural atmosphere very interesting.
Xing Chen

I feel very comfortable living in Germany because of the fresh air and the friendly citizens. I particularly like living here when the sun is shining, and I can sit in a park the whole day long. I sometimes feel a little bored because the shops close fairly early in general and most are closed completely on Sunday.
Yalan Song

Life in Hamburg is very comfortable and relaxing. People are always smiling and kind and willing to help me when I run into problems. The public transport runs everywhere and is very convenient, though not always on time.
Jiangxin Wang

How I feel about Germany depends on the weather. The winters are cold and rainy, so there are not many people in the streets. However, when the sun comes out and the temperatures go up everyone heads outside. I love how people enjoy their lives alone or as couples instead of working all the time. Compared to China the transportation system is good, especially for the disabled. It could be somewhat cleaner, though, and the announcements bother me sometimes.
Shuying Zhao