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From theory to practice: Tallink Silja Line launches new campaign created by BA students

Our practice partner Tallink Silja Line – leading provider of high-quality MiniCruises and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region – has once again helped our International Brand Communication Master’s students fulfil one of the greatest desires of any marketer: spotting your own campaign in the streets, targeted at real-life consumers!

After a very successful first joint practice project that had started in March 2017, Brand Academy and Tallink Silja Line decided to partner up again. Once more, students attending the module “Project Work” supervised by Margaret Tillmann were tasked to develop innovative ways to capture the attention of young Germans who may be interested in the cruise line’s “Go North” experience.

After the traditional three steps of every practice project (briefing, feedback round, final presentation), it became clear that Tallink Silja Lines considered all three campaigns submitted by our students good enough for real-life implementation – a great success for everyone involved. Accordingly, it was decided to award each of the teams an amazing prize: a MiniCruise of their choice!

Our partner decided to publish the work done by Laura Sprock, Stina Kozok and Josh Kongmany first and keep the other two submissions for later publication. In a first step, excerpts from the campaign, which has emotionalizing polaroid-style snaps at its center, were integrated into a video feature running in an endless loop at Tallink Silja Line’s booth at the world’s leading tourism exhibition ITB in Berlin.

In the next and final step, the campaign was launched via hundreds of Edgar Card stands and digital screens all over Germany. Of course, Laura, Stina and Josh went to check out their campaign on some screens located in Hamburg and were so kind to document their excursion for us.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participating students for their excellent work and say thank you to Tallink Silja Lines for their renewed trust and support!