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Digital Welcome Day: The Start to Summer Semester 2020

Being a freshman in the summer of 2020 meant yesterday a very special kind of first day at university. Instead of getting to know the professors and fellow students personally and on campus, we welcomed the new students of Brand Management and Brand Innovation with a ” Digital Welcome Day” at Brand University.

Such a start to the semester involves some challenges. How does an entire university team welcome its new students in a digital way? How do students express their excitement about their new fellow students? With a colourful mix of video messages, a virtual campus tour and live sessions with the course directors for questions and introductions.

In the next few weeks, another challenge will arise: the phenomenon of time difference. For our new Master’s students, classes will span across continents, because five of the international first-year students have not yet arrived in Germany.

In the evening, the student representatives took over the unofficial part of the welcoming event. After all, a get-together with drinks also works via video chat. This gave our freshmen the chance to get to know their newly acquired fellow students better. Since teamwork will also play a major role for them during their studies.

We are looking forward to this exciting semester and welcome all freshmen to Brand University!