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Review: “Social Impact through Design Thinking” Public Guest Lecture

On January 10th, Michael Hübl (Co-Founder of Impact Week) joined BA students Stina Kozok (International Brand Communication M.A.) and Sina Petersen (Communication Design B.A.) for a guest lecture titled “Social Impact Through Design Thinking” on our campus. The three shared their stories and experiences surrounding Impact Week projects. Impact Week fosters entrepreneurship, innovation and intercultural exchange through Design Thinking in order to create social impact. … Mehr

Social Impact Through Design Thinking – Public Guest Lecture by Impact Week Co-Founder & BA Students (Jan 10)

Impact Week fosters entrepreneurship, innovation and intercultural exchange through Design Thinking in order to create social impact. Since 2015 teams of volunteer professionals have travelled to countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Colombia. On location, these teams work with students on new sustainable business models and also train local professors in Design Thinking. The goal:  Facilitating their involvement in the program and generating sustainable development. … Mehr

IBC Master’s & Brand Design Bachelor’s Students Kick Off Practice Project with Renowned Agency Serviceplan

In July we reported about an excursion of Brand Design Bachelor’s students to the Hamburg offices of renowned agency Serviceplan, which is part of the Serviceplan Group. The students left with valuable insights into the agency’s new cases and a reasonable hope that a joint practice project would follow eventually. These hopes have come true! A short while ago, an interdisciplinary group of International Brand … Mehr

BA Lecturer Ole Utikal presents Aliens in Action at Renowned Gudberg Nerger Gallery

"Aliens in Action" is a collection of phrases observed on Chinese t-shirt prints, graphically reinterpreted by the German designer and Brand Academy lecturer Ole Utikal during a two-month lectureship at our partner institution Beijing Normal University Zhuhai (BNUZ), Guangdong Province, South China. Utikal describes his inspiration for the exhibition as follows: "When I stepped out of my spacehip, I was relieved to find at least … Mehr

BA, Jung von Matt and Bitburger Join Forces for GWA Junior Agency Award

An exceptionally motivated group of 3rd and 5th semester students of our Brand Design and Brand Management Bachelor’s programmes was briefed and guided by our partner agency Jung von Matt. The result: A new digital strategy, an integrated campaign and a new smart phone app for one of Germany’s most popular beers: Bitburger! Over the course of 3 intense months, scores of ideas were created. … Mehr

Brand Academy Alumni: an association is founded

It’s done! Last Thursday saw the founding meeting of Brand Academy Alumni e.V. At this starting event the eight founding members, represented by lecturers and former students, approved the association’s constitution and elected its first executive board. For the first two years Laura Sadau will act as chairperson, Keith Wischermann as deputy chairperson and Claudius Finkbeiner as treasurer. They plan various regular events over the course … Mehr

Brand Academy success story: THE WOLF

The three Hamburg-based founders of the brand THE WOLF, Julian Fichtl, Lukas Fichtl and Lukas Porschen, launched ‘Weissbrand®’, a brandy from the Pfalz region, and created a completely new product category in the quality spirits industry. The strategic and conceptual background knowledge which the founders had acquired while studying at the Brand Academy helped them to develop and position their brand, and therefore occupy the Weissbrand® … Mehr

Excursion to 747 Studios

As part of the Image Design module taught by Tina Wunsch, Brand Design students in the third semester went on an excursion to 747 Studios in order to gain an insight into the fundamentals of studio photography. Together they assessed and set up camera systems, set up digital equipment and erected sets: one involving a background roll and beauty lighting for people shots, another for stills … Mehr


Graduation ceremony at the Brand Academy

Hamburg, 18 September 2014 – The Brand Academy, university of design and communication, held a celebratory event to bid farewell to graduates of its Brand Management and Brand Design courses. Graduates were presented with their certificates in the salon of Rainville restaurant, and the international academic title ‘Bachelor of Arts’ was conferred upon them. In his ceremonial address, Professor h.c. Shan Fan, President of the Brand Academy, … Mehr

Suzuki Bongard Händler

Brand Academy success story: Alumni – Daniel Händler

Daniel Händler, who graduated from the Brand Design course at the Brand Academy in 2014, has shown just what excellent career opportunities our alumni have. He quickly made a name for himself in the motorcycle industry: With the assistance of legendary designer Hans A. Muth this up-and-coming designer developed a design study based on the Suzuki Bandit 1250 for Suzuki International Europe as part of the … Mehr