#BUATHOME – Students share their experiences of studying from home

The 2020 summer semester has been in full swing at Brand University for a month now – online, of course. After a Digital Welcome Day for our freshmen and the first video lectures and zoom seminars, the “new normal” that is so much talked about these days is gradually settling in.

But how does it feel to study from home? What is the best way to learn in isolation? And what do our students miss about the campus?

We asked and got a little insight into what everyday life as a student currently looks like and who accompanies them at home.

Alexander, Brand Design

The start of the semester was fine, many new programs had to be organized for the classes. First of all, great respect for the efforts of the university! I appreciate the huge time savings: You are more flexible during the sessions, you save on transportation and the lessons are reduced to the essential. But of course I miss the studios where you can normally work 24/7. My trick for concentration in the home office: A fixed daily schedule and switching off the smartphone.

Feng Xia, Brand Innovation

Staying home gives you lots of freedom, yet ironically many limitations. E-learning has been helpful but I’d love to be able to meet up with friends and feel more present in classrooms. But let’s be grateful that we are healthy, able to continue learning and have a lot more time for things we normally don’t. Right now I am watching a ton of cooking videos and trying new recipes, exercising, taking walks in the greenery and having plenty of rest – feels pretty wholesome actually!

Chiara, Brand Design

The start of the semester has gone without any problems so far and, according to the circumstances, went well. Of course the university and the building are missing. Especially in the creative sector, it is essential to be free and to work together. We all hope that the situation will soon return to normal.

Emely, Brand Management

Online education? I did not sign up for that. But under the given circumstances it is inevitable. In order to further develop our knowledge and to be able to continue to follow our learning contents well, we work with online seminars and live sessions in which we discuss questions and deepen topics. However, I personally miss the learning atmosphere at the university. At home you are more easily distracted and it is harder to concentrate for a long time. I hope that we can soon all sit together again in one room and talk about the contents.

Lea, Brand Design

I had imagined the start of my second semester at BU to be somewhat different. Now I am sitting here at home at my desk. No view of the Elbe and no fellow students and lecturers for personal exchange. These days just a screen with many faces… The only really good thing about the whole thing: I save 2 hours of S-Bahn travel every day.
Thanks to the detailed and elaborate organization of the ambitious lecturers, everything has been running smoothly so far. The hours we usually spend physically at the university are now spent together in cyberspace. And the content, which is normally presented in person, is now waiting for us on the intranet. My first presentation in the Video Call was also different – but possible. Only the personal exchange and the teamwork are missing a lot, of course.