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Brand Academy @ VR HAM

VRHAM! is Germany’s first artistic Virtual Reality festival: 16 inspiring, creative VR experiences sure to transcend the borders of traditional perception and experience of art.

We were deeply impressed by the virtual reality works of international artists like Jonathan Meese, Ip Yuk-Yiu or Lester Francois and especially VRHAMMY! award winner Dani Ploeger’s „THE GRASS SMELLS SO SWEET“ – an installation with gut-wrenching audiovisual simulations and touchingly intimate narrations.

Fortunately, we were not only attending the awards show on June 8th, but we also met the festival’s artistic director and president of the jury Ulrich Schrauth for a personal introduction to the festival last week. As a result, we had an evening for us as a group to experience all the art works in our own time. Huge thanks dear VRHAM! festival!