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Brand Academy @ Superunion

On May 8, International Brand Communication Master’s students following the module “Consumer Psychology & Insights” were treated to a double-feature:

Firstly, they had the opportunity to get to know Superunion (formerly Brand Union) as a potential employer. Superunion is the roof under which WPP has decided to bundle its agencies, and the perspective of joining such a massive global network alone makes for an excellent reason to consider it as an employer. It’s not the only one, though: An emphasis on local solutions and a great respect for interculturality, which has translated into truly international teams, also make for great selling points to anyone looking for a career in branding, advertising and adjacent fields.


Secondly, our students were treated to an intriguing lecture about just how relevant consumer insights are for branding. As part of the lecture, the students were introduced to the tools used by Superunion in order to stay close to consumers and enter into exchanges. These tools turned out to be digital, highly engaging and intuitive for respondents involved, allowing for efficient and effective global research projects. Fortunately for our students, Superunion did not leave it at stating these tools exist, but actually went out of its way to explain how they work while using specific examples derived from actual cases.


As such the lecture did not only complement the contents of our study module, but also did so the best way we can imagine, i.e. by showing how theory is put into practice – a concept that is at the core of Brand Academy’s teaching philosophy.

We would like to say huge thanks to all involved at Superunion for being such exemplary hosts! We are very much looking forward to returning another day.