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Brand Academy success story: THE WOLF


The three Hamburg-based founders of the brand THE WOLF, Julian Fichtl, Lukas Fichtl and Lukas Porschen, launched ‘Weissbrand®’, a brandy from the Pfalz region, and created a completely new product category in the quality spirits industry. The strategic and conceptual background knowledge which the founders had acquired while studying at the Brand Academy helped them to develop and position their brand, and therefore occupy the Weissbrand® product category.

Weissbrand® had previously been available only in very small quantities at a distillery on a private wine estate. Today THE WOLF brand has the exclusive right to market and sell this creation for the first time. The brand has already had positive feedback in the press: design blog Design Made in Germany, Germany’s foremost bar culture magazine Mixology and GQ Hausbar.

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