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#bagoesningbo! 8 BA students embark on a special kind of excursion

Brand Academy has always been the perfect place for those who want to focus their studies on brands. Now they can add an extra challenge by experiencing brands in an intercultural context during an exchange semester at our new partner institution Zheijiang Wanli University in Ningbo (China)!

To kick off the new cooperation, 8 BA students from various study programs will be able to enjoy a 3-week excursion this Fall. Our Ningbo pioneers will depart from Hamburg on October 10 and be back on October 28.

Professor Zhang Yiping, PhD and Vice-Dean of Zheijing Wanli University’s Design and Communications Institute, is already looking forward to welcome his guests: “The 8 students coming from Brand Academy will be the very first students visiting us from Hamburg. They are very welcome here and we will make sure that they will have a great time!”

To that end, the group’s agenda will be packed to the brim: In addition to opportunities for intercultural exchange and sightseeing, they will be joining lectures and seminars. Special highlight will be a practice project, during which our 8 BA ambassadors are split up into 3-4 teams that are subsequently augmented by 2-3 Chinese partner students each. The challenging task: Cooperating with a Chinese corporate partner on developing a brand strategy or brand design for a local product to ensure it will be competitive in international markets, too.

To add some relaxation time to the otherwise tight schedule, our students will be going on weekend-long trips, e.g. to Shanghai – Chinas largest metropolis with an inconceivable 24 million residents. It’s diverse cultural facets will surely be no less than fascinating.

To ensure that all those who stay at home can partake in the experience we have set up a travel blog at It will go live mid/end of August, so please stay tuned. Naturally we will announce every new entry. Moreover, our Ningbo pioneers will share some of their travel preparations via the official BA Instagram channel using the dedicated hashtag #BAgoesNingbo. Definitely not to be missed!