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BA, Jung von Matt and Bitburger Join Forces for GWA Junior Agency Award

An exceptionally motivated group of 3rd and 5th semester students of our Brand Design and Brand Management Bachelor’s programmes was briefed and guided by our partner agency Jung von Matt.

The result: A new digital strategy, an integrated campaign and a new smart phone app for one of Germany’s most popular beers: Bitburger!

Over the course of 3 intense months, scores of ideas were created. Among them the cooking-community “Bitte mit Bit“, a beer pregnancy for men and Bitburger Bitcoins named “DigiBits“.

“Team Hamburg“ then set out to rock the nationwide finale of the GWA with their final social media concept “Beat the Bit“.


Even though Team Hamburg didn’t win this time around, the jury nevertheless found ample reason to applaud the analysis, design and customer activation strategy of the submitted concept, as well as the presentation and live demonstration of the app.

Rumor has it our students’ strong performance was maintained at the subsequent GWA party as well!

Many thanks to the organizers at FH Krefeld and GWA. We’ll gladly come back again!