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Guest Lecture | 5 questions to Patrick Klingberg, CEO of artaxo GmbH

“Creating your digital success” – this is the motto of the artaxo GmbH. Its managing director/CEO, Patrick Klingberg, gave a lecture on brand management in the digital age at Brand University. His message: Today more than ever, everything in marketing should revolve around customer needs.

In an interview, the search engine and content expert tells us what is still underestimated in the industry and what developments we should focus on at the moment.

Brand University: Hello Mr. Klingberg, you are Managing Director/CEO of the artaxo GmbH. What is the best thing about your job?

Patrick Klingberg: Moin! Just Patrick. With us, community, diversity and passion are all united in one job. I have a great team that supports me, and together we passionately clean up the Internet. We make sure that websites are found and most of all understood. Every day we get to know new companies and projects that ask for our expertise and want to get started with us.

Brand University: In your opinion, what is still underestimated in the field of search engine optimization?

Patrick Klingberg: It is definitely underestimated that there are significantly more clicks on organic (SEO) than on paid results (SEA). You should therefore consider both SEO and SEA, since you benefit from synergy effects when using them in combination and can thus make your work more efficient. Another point that hardly anyone takes into account is that many only apply one-off measures for SEO. This is not beneficial. If a constant budget and constant resources are used, the traffic will increase every month. This reduces customer acquisition costs every day. Therefore my motto is: More love for the website! Because no other channel can do that.

Brand University: How do you not only reach users in the digital world, but also build brand loyalty?

Patrick Klingberg: Brand loyalty is built by creating less esoteric content and more context in the value chain. It is particularly important to pursue a consistent marketing strategy that works from the poster to TV to the digital without wastage – simple, effective and clear. True to the motto “Don’t make me think!”.

Brand University: Where do you currently see the most exciting development in content marketing?

Patrick Klingberg: One of the most exciting developments is still the moving images, especially in the shape of live formats. These have a longer viewing time and therefore promise a higher interaction rate. Podcasts also have enormous potential. On one hand, companies can use them to generate their audio content reach. On the other hand, they are a very good way to build trust and thereby win and retain customers.

Brand University: What advice do you give our students to be successful in content marketing?

Patrick Klingberg: Changing from the corporate to the user perspective. This is not only true for the students. All those who work in content marketing must learn to communicate from the point of view of potential customers and not from the corporate perspective. Put yourself in the position of your customers and their target group. Ask yourself what they expect from your content.

We thank Patrick Klingberg for the interview and the exciting insights on content marketing.