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Find out more about teaching in winter semester 2020/21 and the measures taken by Brand University in dealing with the coronavirus.


The summer semester 2020 presented the Brand University with new challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, not only in teaching - the research department also had to rethink its approach in recent months. Normally, experimental studies at BU are conducted in the Brand Research Lab, where professors, lecturers and students have the resources for interdisciplinary research at their disposal. But how can projects [...]


How can you make the most of a semester when there are no students on campus? At BU, we decided to use the time to thoroughly renovate and give our rooms at the Rainvilleterrasse Campus a makeover! Big and small changes await our students the next time they visit the campus. The greatest change: We have gained the first floor! Where previously the Design Factory [...]

Guest Lecture: 5 questions to Torsten Sollitzer from ChinaWeChatting

In recent years, China has developed from a global "copy-cat" to a driving force for innovation in online marketing and e-commerce. The market has produced technology giants that we in Germany have often never heard of before. Torsten Sollitzer is someone who has a close eye on the Chinese online market and knows it inside out. The founder of ChinaWeChatting has been supporting German and [...]

Master Workshop „My Innovation. My Brand.“ – June 2020

On 27 and 28 June 2020, the first online edition of the Master Workshop "My innovation. My brand." took place at Brand University. Prospective students from all over the world joined in live via zoom in order to explore their entrepreneurial spirit during the workshop weekend and to get first insights into the master course Brand Innovation. Under the direction of BU Alumni David Dumont [...]

A day as the ADC jury: Brand design students award nails for design works

The summer semester 2020 calls for creativity - and therefore offers unique opportunities. Normally, Prof. Michael Jonas would visit the exhibition of the prize-winning works of the ADC competition with his students in the summer semester. For our designers, missing this highlight was out of the question. Instead, they themselves became members of the jury and were the first students in Germany to be granted [...]

Symposium: Distancing Design Education – Teaching in times of Social Distancing

The beginning of the 2020 summer semester established online teaching in a very short time and brought a digitalisation push for many German universities. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity, but at the same time it poses a particular challenge for creative study courses. Time for a first conclusion: What does the digital summer semester mean for lecturers, students and the entire [...]

What does a board member of MTP do? Interview with Julika Wiens

If you want to be successful at what you do, you have to start early - which is why it is particularly important for a successful career start to gain practical experience during your studies. But it doesn't always have to be a part-time job. Student initiatives also offer the opportunity to network early on. Probably the best known of these student initiatives in the [...]

The BU Study Explorer: Discover sneak peek clips, brand quiz and dream jobs

You can’t come by in person to get a picture of the BU? Immerse yourself in the campus in the Study Explorer and get to know our study programmes in an interactive way. You can expect exciting sneak peak clips on branding and design topics, test your brand knowledge in the Brand Quiz and discover career perspectives for a successful future.

Guest Lecture: 5 questions to Paul Weinreich from Freelance Junior

What are the advantages of being a freelancer during your studies? What do I need to know about German bureaucracy? What kind of insurance do I need as a freelancer? These and many other questions come to mind when you think about becoming self-employed during your studies. Paul Weinreich, CEO and founder of Freelance Junior, answered the most important questions and dispelled myths in his [...]

Programming made easy: Raspberries for Master Students

When it comes to programming, people have very different ways of thinking. Some know how to do it, are passionate about programming and even participate in hackathons. Others are amazed and have great difficulty imagining what is happening in the world of code. Those who - like our master students - are into innovation don't necessarily belong to the first group, but they shouldn't be [...]

#BUATHOME – Students share their experiences of studying from home

The 2020 summer semester has been in full swing at Brand University for a month now - online, of course. After a Digital Welcome Day for our freshmen and the first video lectures and zoom seminars, the "new normal" that is so much talked about these days is gradually settling in. But how does it feel to study from home? What is the best way [...]

United in the fight against corona – face masks from Ningbo

During the Corona Crisis, face masks shape the image on the streets all over the world. What was previously only known from Asian metropolises has now also become reality in the rest of the world. Not only culturally, the need to cover our mouths and noses as a protective measure strikes us unprepared in Germany - masks were previously uncommon here in Germany and therefore [...]

Digital Welcome Day: The Start to Summer Semester 2020

Being a freshman in the summer of 2020 meant yesterday a very special kind of first day at university. Instead of getting to know the professors and fellow students personally and on campus, we welcomed the new students of Brand Management and Brand Innovation with a " Digital Welcome Day" at Brand University. Such a start to the semester involves some challenges. How does an [...]