Product Design

Brand Design – Bachelor of Arts

Do you dream of giving your ideas a reality? Do you want to design products of the future whose benefits are more than just tangible? Are you passionate about creativity, sustainability and innovation?

Products are becoming increasingly intelligent and blur the boundaries of analogue and digital reality. Learn in our Product Design focus of our Brand Design B.A. course how to develop relevant products that change and enrich the lives of consumers.

For a successful career as a product designer, learn at Brand University how to…

  • design two- and three-dimensionally,
  • create digital models and make designs manufacturable,
  • have an eye for the interplay between design, product, strategy and brands,
  • develop your personality and creativity,
  • work in industry pratcice projects for companies and agencies.

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Product Design at a glance

Start:Winter Semester 2022 (October 1st)
Contents:Digital Crafting, 3D Design, Hybrid Products, Material & Manufacturing, User Experience Design and User Testing, Generative Design, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables & Tangible Media, Aesthetics & Perception, Design Thinking & Sustainability, Product Development
Credit Points:180 ECTS
Degree:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Language:German, English
Perspectives:e.g. as Product Designer, 3D-Artist, Information Architect, Product Director, Service Designer, Creative Conceptioner



From an idea to a product
The products we surround ourselves with determine our everyday life. What we see, what we use, how we think. And everything started out as an idea. But how does an idea become a final product? What does it take to make it aesthetically appealing, a joy to use, improve life and not burden future generations?

Shaping human-machine interactions
In the Product Design focus of our Brand Design study programme, we teach you the design, technical and strategic know-how that future creatives need in the fields of experimental and applied product design. During your studies, you will develop your own creative profile in designing and modelling methods.

  • Learn about user-centric design processes in two and three dimensions.
  • Use digital design programmes such as CAD in practical sessions.
  • Hold your own prototype produced by a 3D printer in your hands.
  • Immerse yourself in digital environments and create digital products.
  • Select materials and consider recycling and sustainability concepts from the start.
  • Learn to distinguish hypes from true time spirit in order to meet real needs.
  • Keep the big picture of a brand strategy in mind and move companies forward with suitable products.

Prof. Ansgar Eidens,
Head of Communication Department

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Rise above yourself

In the professional world, personal skills are as important as professional know-how.

Being creative in a team, thinking innovatively, presenting results convincingly – at Brand University you will learn for the future. That’s why our seminars and lectures are interactive, interdisciplinary and practical.

During your studies, professors and lecturers with many years of practical experience will optimally prepare you for the business world – regardless of whether you will be working in a design agency, a brand company or a start-up.

Our practice partners – your contacts, possibly your future employers

Our professors and lecturers are successful strategists, consultants, founders and managers. They accompany you on your way into the job by bringing practice into their lessons.

Leading companies such as Bosch, Henkel and Mercedes-Benz as well as renowned agencies such as Serviceplan or Jung von Matt are eager to hear the ideas of young talents. Our project partners invite you to provide valuable input for real projects. At the same time, you will establish valuable contacts – the cornerstone of your professional network.

Learn more about our past practical projects and graduation projects made by our students:

1st Semester

Foundation Semester*

  • Brand Design Basics
  • Form & Proportion
  • Photography
  • 21st Century Skills

2nd – 5th Semester

Individual focus semesters with 8 elective modules*

Mandatory Modules:

  • Design & Society
  • User Experience Design
  • Characters & Font
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Management Basics
  • Design Thinking
  • Speculative Design
  • Multisensory Branding
  • Design Research
  • Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Practice Project

Option to do a semester abroad between the 5th and 6th semester

6th Semester

Bachelor Semester

  • Practice Transfer Project
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Colloquium

Elective modules in the 2nd – 5th semester

Design your degree programme according to your interests:

Take 8 freely combinable elective modules from different design disciplines in the 2nd to 5th semester to set your individual focus.


  • 3D Design
  • Digital Crafting (CAD)
  • Hybrid Products
  • Material & Manufacturing


  • Corporate Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Packaging


  • Gamification & Game Design
  • Generative Design
  • Prototyping & User Testing
  • Wearables & Tangible Media


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AV BrandingBrand Innovation
  • Creative Leadership
  • Creative Technologies
  • Design English
  • Design Management
  • Digital Branding
  • Film & Motion Design
  • Free Transfer Project
  • Communication Management
  • Media Science & Advertising Psychology
  • Service & System Design
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Trend Research
  • Typography & Publishing
  • UX Strategy

* The order of the modules may vary depending on the start of the semester in April or October.

Your career as a product designer in the digital industry

The unique combination of practical product design know-how, theoretical knowledge about brands and the development of your personal soft skills, gives you the decisive advantage for a successful career in the creative industry.

With your knowledge, you will be in demand as an expert in the development of products that combine physical devices with digital applications and services. You recognise what users are interested in, what their needs are and understand intercultural differences. In this way, you contribute to the development of innovative, digital(ised) products and the implementation of digitisation projects.

After graduation, our graduates work in design agencies, large brand companies or freelance, for example as product designers, 3D artists, service designers or creative concept developers.

Admission process

Key Admission Requirements:

  • Higher education entrance qualification
  • Curriculum vitae and certificates
  • Motivation letter
  • Portfolio
  • B2-level proficiency in English
  • Successful interview

If your application documents and the associated qualifications are considered sufficient by our Board of Examiners, you will be invited to an interview, which is usually conducted online. Among other things, you will be assessed based on your personal and social competencies, communications skills, motivation, goals, and your familiarity with the subject of study.

Once you have successfully completed the interview, you will be admitted to the programme.

Student advisory service

Do you have any questions about the programme? Contact us now.

Anna Braun
International Student Advisory Service
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WhatsApp +49 160 – 5566783 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays)