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What’s different about studying at Brand Academy? 6 Master’s Students share their views

Students from 23 different nations have made their way to Hamburg, Germany and are currently studying at Brand Academy. We have asked a few of them…

…what’s different about studying at Brand Academy?

I think that the difference between BA and public universities, for instance, is that you have small classes and the teachers really make sure that you know the material and understand the concepts. It’s much better than attending a lecture with 600 students during which you might fall behind and it’s not the teachers concern. There are a lot of resources that you can take advantage of at BA and everyone makes sure that you are achieving your personal goals.
Josh Kongmany, USA, 3rd semester International Brand Communication M.A.

I like that BA takes a practical approach rather than focusing only on theory. You don’t just learn, you also apply what you learn.
Laura Malaver, Colombia, 1st semester International Brand Communication M.A.

The classes are small, so the professors are really getting in close touch with you. They want to know what your main goals are so they can provide a personalized education. If you know where you want to go, they will help you get there.
Mariah Barone, Brazil, 1st semester International Brand Communication M.A.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how different the professors are here compared to those in my home country. Because of the German culture they treat their students as equals. You don’t feel that the professor is your boss or anything and this creates a really lovely educational environment. I don’t feel that I need to learn something, I feel that I want to learn something.
Salma El Malik, Morocco, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.

BA’s approach to education is very different from what is typical in Asia, and specifically in India. We have a “learning by doing” atmosphere here while back home you spent so much time on theory by reading a lot of material. At BA you basically get to do every single thing you learn – and I think that’s really important because that way it’s easier to remember.
Nikita Ashok, India, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.

I love it here because everything is focused on practical application. In my country studying is more about theory. Here we can practice what we learn and we meet many different companies and professionals in the process. It’s actually an honor and a privilege. I did my Bachelor’s in Cyprus and although it is also a European country it was also different from BA because they also focused on theory and they weren’t expecting us to perform. Here the professors view you as someone who can achieve something, which is great.
Rose Zvarivadza, Zimbabwe, 1st semester International Brand Management M.A.