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Student-created campaign for Tallink Silja Line hits the streets

As reported in a previous news, the joint practice project between our International Brand Communication Master’s students and Tallink Silja Line, the leading provider of high-quality MiniCruises and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region, is a true success story.

Impressed by the performance of all three competing student teams in devising innovative digital out-of-home campaigns to capture the attention of a young German target group for MiniCruises, Tallink Silja’s Head of Marketing & Sales and its PR & Marketing Manager awarded all team members a free MiniCruise for two.

Still, the icing on the cake for any future brand communicator was the accompanying announcement that the campaigns would actually go live on so-called “city lights”, i.e. digital displays at premiere locations in the city of Hamburg. In addition, scores of Edgar Cards (promotional postcards) would be distributed across major German cities including Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Cologne.


The photos and videos presented here provide ample prove that this promise has been kept. Led by the hashtag #escapetheroutine and flanked by a new website www.escapetheroutine.de (don’t miss the chance to win a MiniCruise, too!) the luminous displays remind passers-by that they don’t have to spend every day in Germany’s frequently dreary autumn weather – there are better, sunnier places to be, even to the North.


Once more huge thanks to Tallink Silja Line for its wonderful support and congratulations again to all participating BA students. True to the core of BA’s teaching philosophy, you have managed to put theory into practice!