International Brand Communication Master Student Appointed Cultural Ambassador to Chinese Jianggan District

In summer 2014, China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou launched an International Brand Communication (IBC) Master’s programme in cooperation with Brand Academy. Since then Chinese Students have been coming to Hamburg for their second year of studies. Likewise, Brand Academy professors have been traveling to Hangzhou to teach courses at China Academy of Arts.

David Dumont was the first Brand Academy student in the history of the cooperation to join his professors in March 2017. He works as a tutor for Chinese IBC students in order to prepare them for their stay in Hamburg. Hence he holds tutorials on scientific work, teaches presentation skills as well as other useful things. In addition, he supports the marketing of the study programme by undertaking online and offline measures and will use his special insights for his upcoming Master’s thesis on the topic of marketing for higher education in China.


In order to contribute to the cultural development of the Jianggan District, the riverside area in Hangzhou, the district government recently called for a press conference to lay out a plan to promote culture festivals and events to promote the cultural development of the area both in China and internationally. David Dumont was selected to serve in the first group of cultural ambassadors. With his background in intercultural communication and brand communication, he is to deliver useful insights in terms of place branding to the community and to participate in the upcoming cultural festival.

We say congratulations and are looking forward to the festival and the further development of the Qiantang riverside in Hangzhou!